Sunday, October 7, 2012

News Paper interrview with Shanudri Priyasad

Shanudri is talking about her life and incident happened in "Agara Dagara" movie that would never forget to her life. Read the full news paper article

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shanudri Priyasad with her sisters in christmas photos

Dinakshie, Sheshadrie and Shanudrie with Moorthi .U. Senewirathna PHOTOGRAPHY PRODUCTIONS
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Shanudri Priyasad with her sisters in front of christmas tree

Friday, October 5, 2012

Shanudri with her two sisters

Well this is actually a video done about Sheshadri Priyasad. But you'll come across lot of actions of Shanudri Priyasad too

Directed by : Vimukthi Liyanage
Produced by : Adeesha Hewawasam
Edited by : Vimukthi Liyanage
Camera : Ruwan Prasad

Shanudri Priyasad Songs

Yashan with Shanudrie - Mal Sihinaye (New Song 2012)

Lyrics - Gayathri Nisansala
Music Directed by - Udara Fernando
Produced by - Yashan

Shanudri Priyasad Bio

Shanudri Priyasad
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Shanudri Priyasad is the youngest daughter of well know Priyasad familly. Her father is famous movie director Dinesh Priyasad and her mother is Shirani Priyasad. She is the youngest in her family with her two sisters Dinakshie Priyasad and Sheshadrie Priyasad. Though she recently became popular in Sri Lanka she came to the cinema when she was three and a half years old in her fathers film "onna babo". After that she took part in some TV commercial. Also performed in films such as "Agara Dagara", "Suwada Denuna Jeewithe". Birthday September 8, 1997

Shanudri Priyasad and her family

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Shanudri Priyasad is the youngest daughter of well known movie director Dinesh Priyasad. Her mother is Shirani Priyasad. She has two elder sister's Dinakshi Priyasa and Shashendri Priyasad. Dinakshi is the eldest sister in her family.

Shanudri Priyasad dancing

Well to be honest Shanudri can dance well I think. This video was found when I looked for more videos about Shanudri Priyasad. Hope you like it.